Thursday, 11 January 2018

What am I up to now?

Well I'm going to keep using this blog I think. Use it for behind the scenes stuff.  
I spent the day working on the Home Alone Van that we are going to use in The Christmas Tree Lot feature film.  
First up. Get it running.  Found the first problem the throttle plate shaft was snapped in half so it wasn't rotating. 
So I had to take the carberator off and fix it.  It not so easy to fix as I need to weld it with a Lincoln AC stick welder. It made for welding heavy steel not very small carb parts. But I gave it a try anyways and it worked. I then ground the weld back down so the rod would go back into the carberator.  
You can see it this pic where I fixed it. 
That shiny bit. So noes it's time to put it back on. 

Once installed and everything was hooked up I put some gas down the carb and it fired right up.  
It now runs and drives. Forward reverse and all. Brakes work good.  I did find that the charging system does not work so I will drive it into the garage and fix it on the weekend.  

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